Splosh is the clever new way to buy your home essentials. We’re great value, really convenient and best of all there is no plastic waste! 

Order full bottles from our great range of cruelty free home and health and beauty products. When you’re running low, order refills online – and we’ll deliver them to your door for free. 

Splosh products are Vegan, non-toxic, septic tank friendly and not tested on animals.  

Want to go a step further to fight plastic waste?

When you refill with one of our pouches, you’re cutting plastic waste by around 95%. That’s brilliant. But together we can go one better…

Return your pouches to us and we’ll either re-use them as Crinkly pouches or make them into entirely new products.  Together, we’ll have cut plastic waste by 100%!

We’re currently trying out new product ideas and so far we’ve made ice scrapers and powder scoops. Soon you’ll be able buy them on this website – an excellent example of the ‘circular economy’ in action!

We only have one planet. Our mission here at Splosh is to find innovative ways to protect it – to find better ways of living and being. And if we’re going to preserve our beautiful world for future generations, we need to act fast.

But supermarkets and big soap brands aren’t moving swiftly enough. Almost all their home and personal care products are still packaged in single use plastic bottles. It’s madness!

Splosh is different. Every bottle we sell is refillable with our concentrated refill pouches, which means that you –  our discerning customers – cut plastic waste by 95%. And if you return your used refill pouches to us, we upcycle them into new products. And that means zero plastic waste, which is a huge win for the planet.

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